No breath, no blues.

No love, no death.

Busta Rhymes//Woo Hah! Got You All In Check!

Remember when putting your kid in your video was the shit?

Wampire - Orchards

Ron Talks To Girls

Ron Talks To Girls is a new show being hosted by yours truly. The plan: I will sit down and have funny, intelligent, embarrassing, honest and interesting conversations with women, and then I will upload them in all their glory for your viewing pleasure. We’ll see how according to plan things go. The first one should be up in March, but before we get started I’d like to know if any of you has any questions for the women I’ll be inviting on. Send your queries for the female of the species to Thanks in advance to anybody who participates. Be well. Let’s do this.

there are things i need

and you don’t have them

to be the ink


into the skin of your arm

and now you stand there looking expectant

The prodding started

Even before my conception

With a whole lot of talk

And a little conversation

Long before my father

thrust me into existence

and got himself a man

from the woman god gave him

Once upon a time

My mother fed me of herself

And my father tried to make me strong

With the power of prayer

And his own two hands

i have lived as a dog
and a ghost
and for a few fleeting moments
as a wolf in the woods
i have tasted all my eye could swallow
and left my senses
ravenous to be filled